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Refreshing, natural, healthy, safe; come into contact with nature at the China Youth Corp youth activity centers.

The China Youth Corp, with the aim of serving the youth while the youth serves our country, acts to organize and plan various educational activities that is of benefit to the youth in society, regardless of whether they are studying or working, as well as to aid in the development of the country and society at large.

Under the guidance of the Tourism Bureau, the various China Youth Corp youth activity centers have become part of Hostelling International, and forms part of the platform for receiving young international travelers. They are also accredited by the Tourism Bureau as Taiwan Traveler Card affiliated stores, and has become the best option for government employees on their traveles or vacations.

To serve the youths, China Youth Corp has set up eleven activity centers on the mountains, by the sea and on islands, including Chientan, Chinshan, Fuxin, Sun Moon Lake, Chitou, Alishan, Tsengwen, Kenting, Tienshiang, Penghu, and Chinmen, as well as Kuan yun and Chengching lakefront resort. These are all at scenic destination suitable for vacations, family and ecological activities, hiking, group travels or employee training events.

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All the youth activity centers are located in natural, scenic tourist destinations. Going to any of them will raise your spirit, and facing the beautiful landscapes and nature can strengthen your body and let you meet more new friends along the way.

All the centers provide clean, comfortable and safe accommodations, with multi-functional gathering venues: halls, conference rooms, multi-functional classrooms, social halls, coffee houses and wide outdoor activity areas. They are not only suitable for family vacations but also for schools, companies or organizations to hold any types of meetings, speaking events, training, education or travel activities. All the activity centers have become the country’s freshest, more natural, healthiest and safest recreation venues.

With love in our hearts, and warm reception. The entire staff of China Youth Corp invites all the young people to leave no regret in their young lives, bravely embrace their youth and create a better future with infinite possibilities.

【Target groups】

This center, in accordance with the Youth Activity Center residential facility management and safety maintenance regulations, order no. 1030000094B promulgated by the Taiwan youth education department of the Ministry of Education, is established and managed on a non-profit basis, and provide lodging for the following groups of people:
1. Student with valid document of enrollment
2. Adults who are below forty years old.
3. Any individual who are attending activities held by government agencies, schools, NGOs in relation to public welfare, education, service and training, health or culture.
4. Any staff or volunteer with the document of proof issued by the China Youth Corp.
5. Teachers or relatives accompany individuals that meet the first two criteria, which shall not exceed four people.